22 May, 2018



SagaCoin is a PoW + PoS-based cryptocurrency.

SagaCoin uses libsecp256k1, libgmp, Boost1.55, OR Boost1.57,
Openssl1.01m, Berkeley DB 4.8, QT5 to compile

Block Spacing: 120 Seconds Stake Minimum Age: 8 Hours

Port: 48744 RPC Port: 48844

BUILD LINUX (see the Wiki for dependencies)

1) git clone https://github.com/sagacrypto/SagaCoin

2) cd SagaCoin/src

3) mkdir obj/crypto

4) chmod +x leveldb/build_detect_platform

5) cd leveldb && make libleveldb.a libmemenv.a

6) cd ..

7) sudo make -f makefile.unix USE_UPNP= # Headless SagaCoin

8) strip sagacoind

9) sudo cp sagacoind /usr/local/bin


1) Download Qt.zip from https://github.com/sagacrypto/SagaCoin/releases/tag/v1.0 and unpack to C:/

2) Download SagaCoin source from https://github.com/sagacrypto/SagaCoin/archive/master.zip

2.1) Unpack to C:/SagaCoin

3) Install Perl for windows from the homepage http://www.activestate.com/activeperl/downloads

4) Download Python 2.7 https://www.python.org/downloads/windows/

4.1) While installing python make sure to add python.exe to the path.

5) Run msys.bat located in C:\MinGW49-32\msys\1.0

6) cd /C/SagaCoin/src/leveldb

7) Type "TARGET_OS=NATIVE_WINDOWS make libleveldb.a libmemenv.a" and hit enter to build leveldb

8) Exit msys shell

9) Open windows command prompt

10) cd C:/dev

11) Type "49-32-qt5.bat" and hit enter to run

12) cd ../SagaCoin

13) Type "qmake USE_UPNP=0" and hit enter to run

14) Type "mingw32-make" and hit enter to start building. When it's finished you can find your .exe in the release folder.

Latest Updates:
Dec 04 : Windows wallet issue fixed at version
Dec 04 : First exchange listed at CoinsMarkets.com
Dec 05 : Added estimated masternode ROI EDIT (Dec 08): Please refer to Masternodes.Online now
Dec 05 : Added second block explorer
Dec 06 : Added masternode guide
Dec 08 : Listed at Masternodes.Online
Dec 10 : Listed at CoinMarketCap
Dec 10 : Listed at CoinCodex
Dec 15 : Added Discord group
Dec 25 : Listed at Masternodo (spanish)
Dec 25 : Listed at Masternodes.Pro
Dec 28 : Finally listed at Cryptopia
Feb 11: Added third block explorer (Upgrade Exp 1 with faster server)
Feb 12: Listed at Mnode.Club
Mar 29: New wallet release (Mandatory update) version
Apr 16: Added FAQ page at https://sagacoin.net/faq.html
Apr 17: Upgrade node system, added more nodes and enhanced node performance.
May 16: Added bootstrap data file with instructions at SagaCoin Bootstrap
May 17: Added paper wallet at SagaCoin Paper Wallet
May 19: Listed at Escodex





Launched as an open source cryptocurrency in Dec 2017. SagaCoin is a decentralized and secure masternode network project with long term goals. Our focus is to create a cryptocurrency that is accessible to all as a global payment platform for developers, investors and the general public alike.

SagaCoin is maintained by a friendly and committed community and with many exciting projects on the horizon, we continue to innovate and build on our reputation to launch into the mainstream as the most trusted and exciting cryptocurrency project in the market.




Algorithm :  Scrypt
Block Time :  120 seconds
Total Coin Supply : 3,120,000 (Updated 20 Jan 2018)
Block Reward :  25 SAGA 1st year; 12.5 SAGA 2nd year; 6.25 SAGA thereafter
Block Size :  2 MB

Proof of Stake :  180% masternode, 20% coin stake [total 200%] (1st year)
90% masternode, 10% coin stake [total 100%] (2nd year)
45% masternode, 5% coin stake [total 50%] (thereafter)

Minimum Stake Age :  8 hours
Transaction Confirmation :  10 blocks
Difficulty Retarget :  10 minutes
Masternode requirement :  2,500 SAGA
Masternode reward :  90% stake reward




Windows wallet: here
Mac wallet: here
Linux wallet (Ubuntu 14.04 x64): here
Linux wallet (Ubuntu 16.04 x64): here
Paper wallet: here

Bootstrap Data: here (New user may download this boostrap data to speed up syncing process)






— Command (for Linux and Mac) —

Go to your sagacoind file folder, then start it


Generate private key for your masternode, then save it down, you will need it later

./sagacoind masternode genkey
<your masternode private key>

Get SAGA address for your masternode

./sagacoind getaccountaddress mymasternode
<your masternode address>

Send exactly 2500 to SAGA address above, run the command from other wallet or you may run it in same wallet too, just have to ensure your masternode address with exact 2500 balance

./sagacoind sendtoaddress “sVD4EUm47UhnzRfVCmUnk2oxMgAFaQLucb” 2500 “” “” false

The last word false means do not subtract transaction fee from the amount sent, so your masternode will have exact 2500 SAGA

You can check if you have received the 2500 SAGA into your masternode address

./sagacoind getreceivedbyaddress sVD4EUm47UhnzRfVCmUnk2oxMgAFaQLucb

For security purpose, it is recommended to encrypt your wallet with password

./sagacoind encryptwallet <your wallet password>

sagacoind will be stopped after this command, don’t worry about it, we will start it back later in this guide, don’t start it right away

Add masternode details to SagaCoin configuration

vi ~/.SagaCoin/sagacoin.conf

Then you should see settings like following in your SagaCoin configuration file (add it if you don’t):

rpcpassword=<long random string not the same as your wallet password>

Add the following settings to the end of SagaCoin configuration file (before you input the settings, please ensure you have your IP address on hand. And your masternode private key is required here)

masternodeaddr=<your IP address>:48744
masternodeprivkey=<your masternode private key>

We use default P2P port of 48744 in this guide, you may change to any available port number if you like

Start your SagaCoin daemon again and input your wallet password entered previously

./sagacoind walletpassphrase <your wallet password> 999999999

Now you can start your masternode with your wallet password

./sagacoind masternode start <your wallet password>

You can check if your masternode started successfully and running well with masternode list, this list should have your masternode IP address if your masternode is running

./sagacoind masternode list

If you lazy to find your IP from masternode list, you can filter with your IP

./sagacoind masternode list | grep <you IP address>

— GUI (for Windows, Linux and Mac) —

Please visit to https://sagacoin.net/masternode.html




Stratum : stratum+tcp://s1.altcoinix.com:3702
Username : Weblogin.WorkerName
Password : WorkerPassword
Fee : 1%

Example command line :

ccminer.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://s1.altcoinix.com:3702 -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword




Stratum : stratum+tcp://lycheebit.com:3433
Password : c=SAGA
Payout : Every hour
Fee : 1.0%

Example command line :

ccminer.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://lycheebit.com:3433 -u sbPLvatctQvjqQeVeyvVTWA5tFa225uF6S -p c=SAGA




Stratum : stratum+tcp://eu1.miningpool.shop:3433
Password : c=SAGA
Fee : 0.9%

Example command line :

ccminer.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://eu1.miningpool.shop:3433 -u sbPLvatctQvjqQeVeyvVTWA5tFa225uF6S -p c=SAGA




Stratum : stratum+tcp://hash-to-coins.com:3333
Username : Weblogin.WorkerName
Password : WorkerPassword

Example command line :

ccminer.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://hash-to-coins.com:3333 -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword




Stratum : stratum+tcp://tiny-pool.com:3433
Password : c=SAGA
Fee : 0.5%

Example command line :

ccminer.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://tiny-pool.com:3433 -u sbPLvatctQvjqQeVeyvVTWA5tFa225uF6S -p c=SAGA




Stratum : stratum+tcp://cryptopool.party:3433
Password : c=SAGA

Example command line :

ccminer.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://cryptopool.party:3433 -u sbPLvatctQvjqQeVeyvVTWA5tFa225uF6S -p c=SAGA




Stratum : stratum+tcp://mining-dutch.nl:3387
Username : Weblogin.WorkerName
Password : WorkerPassword

Example command line :

ccminer.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://mining-dutch.nl:3387 -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword




Stratum : stratum+tcp://cryptohub.online:4053
Username : Email
Password : anything
Fee : 1%

Example command line :

ccminer.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://cryptohub.online:4053 -u Email -p anything




Stratum : stratum+tcp://saga.scryptpools.net:2083
Username : Weblogin.WorkerName
Password : WorkerPassword

Example command line :

ccminer.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://saga.scryptpools.net:2083 -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword




Stratum : stratum.coinpool.ml:3358
Username : Weblogin.WorkerName
Password : WorkerPassword
Fee : 0.5%

Example command line :

ccminer.exe -a scrypt -o stratum.coinpool.ml:3358 -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p any




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