23 May, 2018

rxOC mining OS

Fellow miners,

this is the build I use with my AMD rx series rigs.  I am providing it to the community 100% free, with no fees (from me at least):  (Claymore’s miner still has his fee)

rxOC is a customized Ubuntu 16.04 build with AMD OC support, manual fan support, auto launching on boot, and a single easy to configure Bash Script (oneBash) which can be configured from a windows pc using wordpad.

rxOC is easy-to-use and supports mining (with the v_stopgap oneBash):



xleejohnx SRR implementation Link I will integrate this into the next oneBash / v0013; for now, if you want to use this follow the instructions on xleejohnx’s post.

rxOC uses Optiminer, Genoil, Claymore Ethash, Claymore Equihash, sgminer, and plusCPU uses cpuminer-opt;
if you want an additional algorithm or mining client post here or pm me the details and I will add it to the next version

For Nvidia rigs see: [OS] nvOC easy-to-use Linux Nvidia Mining: Link

Current Version: v_stopgap

To setup remote re-configuration of rigs / remote viewing using SSH and screen LINK

How to Setup _Parallax_Mode (have oneBash autoupdate from a pastebin file when the mining process is launched) Guide Link 

this version is intended for USB keys and SSD’s

However you can use an SSD or HDD with a USB adapter cable Link

Or you can follow this process to enable Autolaunch with an SSD or HDD install Link

Change Log:

removed swap space (improved boot time)
updated driver to the AMD Blockchain Beta driver ( much better for Ethash )
ETH, ETC, and ZEC coin selections miner are launched in a screen ( access the screen via the cmd:    screen -r miner   in the guake terminal )
Updates are disabled.
added Claymore 10.1

added Genoil for NICE / ETH / ETC
added GENOILorCLAYMORE selector
added Optiminer for Equihash algorithms
added OPTIMINERorCLAYMORE selector
added atiflash (use at your own risk)
implemented  wget / pastebin oneBash auto-updating suggested by: _Parallax_
Thanks _Parallax_   Smiley
workernames are auto-generated (set to the rig host address: last 3 digits of the rig IP)
added IP output to the top of mining process (easier to get the rig IP)
added lspci and supported clocks output to the top of the mining process
added USE_ENVIRONMENTAL_VARIBLES selector (adds them if YES)
increased primary partition size (more available space)
added SLOW_USB_KEY_MODE (for slow usb keys; also helps ensure the setting of powerlimits and fanspeeds)
HUSH COIN selection

v0011 (initial release)

If you don’t have an imaging program already download HDDRawCopy (Link)

Or get etcher for Mac / Linux / Windows Link

v_stopgap zip should extract on OSX / *nix / Windows  Wink

v_stopgap is 15.6gb

rxOC_v_stopgap Google Drive Link use this image for all mobos

Note: you still need to implement bios setting changes.  The SHA256 hash (for the zip) is:


Note: you still need to implement bios setting changes.  The SHA256 hash (for the image) is:


Expected Bios settings (I have not tested all of these for AMD rigs):

If you are using an ASRock H81 PRO BTC or BIOSTAR TB85; either should work with without any changes to the bios settings.

If you are using an MSI Z270-A PRO; ensure you enable Above 4G memory option in the bios before connecting the nvOC USB.

If you are using a GIGABYTE GA-B250M-Gaming 3; ensure the Audio Controller is disabled in the bios.

If you are using a BIOSTAR TB250-BTC; ensure Miner Mode is enabled in the bios.  Also ensure Max TOLUD is set to 3.5 GB in the bios.

If you are using an ASUS Z270-F GAMING; ensure ‘Above 4G Decoding’ is enabled in the bios.  Also ensure PTP aware OS: is set to ‘Not PTP Aware’ in the bios.  Finally, ensure you ‘Clear Secure Boot Keys’ in the bios.

If you are using an MSI Z170-A GAMING M5; ensure ‘Above 4G Decoding’ is enabled in the bios.  Also download, unzip and copy to a usb key ( the 2016-12-19 Version 1.D ) Bios and follow instructions to flash the bios.

If you are using an ASUS PRIME Z270-A; ensure ‘Above 4G Decoding’ is enabled in the bios.  Also ensure PTP aware OS: is set to ‘Not PTP Aware’ in the bios.  Finally, ensure you ‘Clear Secure Boot Keys’ in the bios.

If you are using a GIGABYTE GA-Z270P-D3; ensure the Audio Controller is disabled in the bios.

If you are using a ASUS PRIME H270-PLUS; You must update the bios; with this motherboard it can be done by connecting an ethernet cable and entering the EZ Flash 3 Utility.  Select DHCP and download then install the update.  It should look like this.  After updating ensure ‘Above 4G Decoding’ is enabled in the bios.

If you are using a BIOSTAR RACING Z170GT7; Ensure you are only using the first 6 pcie slots closest to the CPU.  Ensure you set Security Device Support to: Disable Finally ensure you set the max TOLUD to 3.5 gb


Use HDDRawCopy or etcher to image the extracted img file to the 16gb or larger usb ( see this guide for an HDDRawCopy walkthru )

Image to a 16gb or larger USB key.

I recommend these very fast HQ USB keys $22 fastest (in actual usage) I have tested so far:


NOTE: You only need to configure the oneBash file in the Windows Partition.  If you don’t have a text editor with syntax highlighting: open it with wordpad.  I recommend downloading atom if you don’t have a text editor with syntax highlighting .

When you are done configuring oneBash ensure that you save, then eject the USB.

Attach the USB key to your rig and power it on.

NOTE: first boot will take longer to start mining as oneBash must be converted

All files are in the rxOC folder Link.

rxOC uses the blockchain Beta Driver.

the root password for rxOC is:


Known Limitations and Issues:

Please let me know if there are any issues with this version not OCing cards with mobos.

If your miner crashes at all, it is probably because your OC is too high.

IMO it is easier to start with a lower OC and walk up the OC until it becomes unstable, than to start at the max and walk it down to stability.

My thoughts on OC Link

If you find rxOC helpful and would like me to expand it; please let me know.  I will make requested changes over time as I am available to.

Requested Changes / Additions / Tests:

a global switch to turn off all overclocking / excluding manual fans  OVERCLOCK=”OFF”

integrate SRR support

add UBIQ coin selection

add https://github.com/sling00/amdmeminfo]https://github.com/sling00/amdmeminfo]https://github.com/sling00/amdmeminfo

check into atiflash in it current folder / potentially move to: /usr/local/bin

make rxOC github repo

implement individual card settings

actual clockspeed implementation

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