23 May, 2018

PiMP mining OS

getPiMP.org is now an entire suite of crypto software products and services. Since we have a lot of things to offer the mining community we are no longer doing our work for free, but we think you will find our pricing model reasonable and affordable. You will be able to purchase PiMP using our secure website, using credit/debit payment via Paypal, and BTC via Coinbase.

PiMP Classic, the original PiMP mining platform, has been fully updated and enhanced with many new features. We now support Ethereum and other new algos, updates are working, and it’s easier to get support. We are also planning a PiMP nVidia edition, something we have wanted to do for years.
A brand new website, brand new miner.farm service, brand new PiMP! Come check us out: Stack your loot from head to boot!


Portable Instant Mining Platform is By miners, for miners.

PiMP is now a complete set of mining tools produced from the latest technology. By running PiMP you put a platform on your rig that allows you to get the latest updates to miners, configurations, settings, and PiMP software by typing a few quick commands. It is made especially for new miners to bring crypto mining to more people.

Your friends,
getPiMP.org team.


Portable Instant Mining Platform (c) Copyright 2014 getPiMP.org
Support: #PiMP on Freenode IRC “PiMP is Copyrighted – Accept No Imitations” (AKA: You cannot release your own clones of PiMP. This is not GPL License. Don’t steal our work, contribute to it instead – Thanks!)

Why PiMP?

THE FIRST 64 BIT PLATFORM (Support all your RAM)

MULTI ALGORITHMS (Scrypt/N/Vert/Dark/Max/Heavy/Jane/Quark/Groestl)

PORTABLE AND INSTANT (Boot, config, mine)

HARDWARE SUPPORT (latest Mobos, up to 7 GPUs)

GET IT NOW (on the website)

Here is a list of commonly used commands:

pimp = Show this listing.
test = Restart mining and show the miner console
edit = Edit your /etc/bamt/cgminer.conf
sc = show the miner console (Control-A, release, D to detach from it)
ms = mine stop
rb = reboot
back = backup your poolmanager.conf and cgminer.conf
helpme = Pastebin some diagnostics for a PiMP Rescue!

PiMP is Copyrighted work – Accept No Imitations – Official Releases on getPiMP.org
v1.3 beta: released april 5 2014


Cleared and disabled system logs to preserve disk writes and space. Disabled Display Power Management that was causing hash drops on some cards after 1 hour of mining. (See 1.1 bugs) Moved some partitions around and cleaned out more junk. Fixed PoolManager and the default miner profiles. Updated various scripts, including helpme script for advanced troubleshooting. Replaced LXDE with FluxBox window manager for speed and space. RIGHT CLICK ON DESKTOP FOR MENU! Customized FluxBox settings, display, options. Removed hashrate from desktop stats to reduce disk and miner API polls. Replaced NetworkManager with customized wicd for speed and space and better network performance.


BTC: 18ZyXaSs1mMoktaQP2titGw7rDwqkSuVTw
LTC: LfrWWvhJYfiNNPkDb3ErHtcRh21MmcQCi3
DOGE: DPc9nzcR7sQEzZN9GuJuzid4dsML2M5Gxo
Cryptsy Trade Key: 23b4c98265f8401d5e99fd7a147baa4bdd8965f4

All of us at #PiMP for Supporting the Mining Community!

BEHOLD! The Successor to BAMT!

PiMP your rig with 64-bit debian linux.
Features: Fully upgradable, with the latest drivers and kernel support
AMD Catalyst drivers for compatibility with the majority of today’s cards.
Latest Linux-Poolmanager for HTTPS management of pool profiles and monitoring Email notifications of mining issues
Full persistent RDP Remote Access as well as SSH Easy to use Interfaces, Command lines, and Utilities Included
Miners supporting: Scrypt, Scrypt-N, SHA-3, Heavy, Jane, Chacha, Groestl, Qubit, etc.
Mine Litecoin, Dogecoin, Maxcoin, Darkcoin, Vertcoin, HeavyCoin, etc out of the box!
Works with UEFI AND LEGACY Booting BIOS!
Shows your CPU load, IP address, etc. on the desktop! Pimpin!

Website: http://getpimp.org
Subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/getpimp
IRC Support: #PiMP on Freenode (webchat available on website)

THERE ARE NO HIDDEN DONATION SCHEMES IN THIS OPERATING SYSTEM. IF YOU CHOOSE TO THANK US FOR HELPING YOU, YOU MAY DO SO VOLUNTARILY USING THE ADDRESSES ABOVE. WE DO NOT STEAL HASHES FROM OUR PEOPLE. We do include fee-based miners for completeness and by miner request. The recommended miner is sgminer-gm and is not a fee-based miner.

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