23 May, 2018

nvOC mining OS

Fellow miners,

this is the basis of the build I use with my Nvidia 1000 series rigs.  I am providing it to the community 100% free, with no fees (from me at least).

nvOC is a customized Ubuntu 16.04 build with Nvidia, manual fan support, auto launching on boot, and a single easy to configure Bash Script (1bash) which can be configured from a windows pc using wordpad.

nvOC_vBASIC is easy-to-use.

It is for miners:

who would like to try mining with a 1000 series Nvidia GPU and have limited experience.

who would like to use it as a template to make their own custom bash scripts (you can easily edit the 1bash to support other Equihash or Ethash Coins or with a little more knowledge add additional clients and more)

who only want to mine Ethash or Equihash with nicehash.com

The default 1bash only requires you to make a nicehash.com account and replace my mining BTC address with your own.

You can unzip / use a windows imaging client to image and configure on windows (edit the 1bash with wordpad) then attach to your rig.

I will add additional 1bash file examples later on.

nvOC_vBASIC Google Drive Link use this image for all mobos 

vBASIC zip should extract on linux or Windows

vBASIC is 16.0gb (use a 32gb USB key or storage device)

Note: you still need to implement bios setting changes.  The SHA256 hash (for the zip) is:



Use HDDRAWCOPY to image if using windows: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3ra23kLdr5lYUNoRVBBX0lDbTQ

NOTE: You only need to configure the 1bash file in the Windows Partition.  If you don’t have a text editor with syntax highlighting: open it with wordpad.

I recommend downloading atom if you don’t have a text editor with syntax highlighting .

Edit OC settings, BTC address, and Algorithm.

When you are done configuring 1bash ensure that you save, then eject the USB.

Attach the USB key to your rig and power it on.

NOTE: vBASIC will always convert 1bash using dos2unix so it can always be manually edited by removing the USB and editing it using another computer.

All files are in the nvOC folder Link.

vBASIC uses an older Nvidia Driver which IMO has better hashrates with most GPUs.

the root password for nvOC is:


Thanks for the community edition: papampi , kk003, Stubo, damNmad, leenoox and meligo

Rebuilding the community edition using this image as a starting point might be a good idea.  I will talk to the members above who have been developing the community edition about this and see what they think.

See lower post for old OP with additional info.


source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1854250.0

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