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FlorinCoin forks.9 stars.0 open issues.Recent commits: Use function to obtain TargetTimespan, Jeremiah Buddenhagen Fix TargetTimespan calculation, Jeremiah Buddenhagen Merge pull request #1 from OstlerDev/patch-1Update Intro UI to have correct chain size & name, GitHub Update Intro UI to have correct chain size & name, GitHub Add additional seed node, Jeremiah Buddenhagen FLO New website launched: […]

Einsteinium Coin

Litecoin source tree forks.33 stars.3 open issues.Recent commits: depends: fix zmq build with mingw < 4.0, Matija Removing wormholes starting from epoch 48, version changed to, emc2foundation Removing Womwholes starting from epoch 47, version changed to, emc2foundation Removing Wormholes starting from epoch 46., emc2foundation Version changed to, pericanikolic Website |  Twitter | Facebook | Slack | Reddit | LinkedIn | Google+   The […]


Current Auroracoin source tree forks.20 stars.7 open issues.Recent commits: Revert MacOSX translation changes, Myckel Habets Fix Mac localizations, Myckel Habets Remove Windows cruft, Myckel Habets Adding tiff file, ny2cafuse Mac Deploy chmod, ny2cafuse Official Aurarad foundation site: Official Auroracoin site: Official Auroracoin forum: Official Auroracoin Facebook page: Official Auroracoin project source: Developer API: Android source: […]

Verge Coin

official source code repository for VERGE cryptocurrency forks.1,291 stars.29 open issues.Recent commits: Update (#791)Saves some bandwidth by using the actual Verge-Blockchain name instead of "*-with-the-current-date"More accurate blockchain zips handlingFixes some more typos, sunerok Merge pull request #792 from CryptoRekt/master*Trivial* Minor correction, GitHub *Trivial* Minor correction, CryptoRekt Update (#790)My bad, missed a few typos., […]


source forks.10 stars.0 open issues.Recent commits: Update, GitHub Update translation_process.mdAdded coin name, GitHub Update build-unix.txt, GitHub Update build-unix.txtUpdated build instructions for unix – how to get libdb4.8., GitHub Update translation_process.mdUpdated to reflect TittieCoin Translation process, GitHub TTC is the exclusive currency of future development Tittie island. TittieCoin (TTC) was established January 2014 by a […]

Linda Coin forks.45 stars.20 open issues.Recent commits: Merge pull request #47 from CryptoAxl/patch-3make sure secp256k1 only compiled in static mode, GitHub make sure secp256k1 only compiled in static mode, GitHub Merge pull request #46 from MrBitKoin/v2.0.0.1g-critfixV2.0.0.1g critfix, GitHub v2.0.0.1g-critfix- Fixed another typo, MrBitKoin v2.0.0.1g-critfix- Corrected silly mispelling, MrBitKoin New Wallet LindaV2 Coming March 31st     […]

42 Coin

42-coin integration/staging tree forks.10 stars.0 open issues.Recent commits: Bump version to 0.0.9, Laser9un Add checkpoint @ block # 84000, Laser9un Upd. translation, Laser9un Fix wallettools/ .py 42 RPC Port, Laser9un Upd, Laser9un Specifications (42-v0.0.8) Max money: 42 coins Transaction confirmation method: PoS+PoW Transaction type: Public & Private Number of transaction confirmation: 7 Number of block […]