22 May, 2018

ASIC POOL – Multi Pool, Multi Algo, Auto Exchange

About Asic Pool – AsicPool.Org

Asic Pool
Asic Pool

ASIC POOL – Welcome to the newest multi mining pool MULTI.ASICPOOL.COM

We present you our multi mining pool that is based on yiimp and designed for ASIC miners.

Pool has autoexchange in BTC, scrypt algorithms, prompt support, frequent payouts. Cryptocurrency Mining Calculators & Profitability Calculators.
No registration is required, we do payouts in the currency you mine. Use your wallet address as the username.

You can vote on our discord chanel what coins do you want to mine and we will add them to the pool.

Looking forward for your feedback!
Happy mining.


  • URL: multi.asicpool.org
  • DISCORD: discord.gg/EbQrmf2
  • FEE: 0.25%
  • Server location: OVH France
  • API: multi.asicpool.org/site/api


– Scrypt ( All Coin tested and ready to use )
– SHA256 (Coming Soon)
– Blake(2b) (Coming Soon)

Coins: #BitcoinFast ($BCF), #Worldcoin ($WDC), #Trollcoin 2.0 ($TROLL), #CanadaeCoin ($CDN), #SagaCoin ($SAGA), #HempCoin ($THC), #Sexcoin ($SXC), #Einsteinium ($EMC2), #Adcoin ($ACC), #Argentum ($ARG), #GameCredits ($GAME), #PakCoin ($PAK), #Megacoin ($MEC), #Digibyte ($DGB), #GoldCoin ($GLD), #TittieCoin ($TTC), #Florincoin ($FLO), #LiteBar ($LTB), #Novacoin ($NVC), #Bitmark ($MARKS), #Bata ($BTA)

Example mining:

Worldcoin (WDC) – scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10020
Username: your WDC wallet
Password: c=WDC

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