23 May, 2018

Antminer L3+ overclock

In order to Overclock your Antminer L3 (SCRYPT) with your pool you must follow those steps:

1. Make sure that AntMiner L3 is connected to the internet and you can access it from the local network (192.168.x.x). You can use Angry IP Scanner for this. You can get it from here. Usually the hostname for a freshly AntMiner is antMiner

2. Find out what is the ip, you should scan between and If you do not find it scan between and We will asume it is

3. Browse to the AntMiner web admin then insert user password. Default is root:root

4. Go to Miner Configuration -> Advanced Settings. Be aware that the miner will need 7-8 minutes to be operational after the configures had been “Saved and Applied”

5. Select your overclocking value. For this example we will change it to 444 Mhz.

ASIC Mhz ASIC consumption HashRate
384 Mhz 740 W 502 MH/s
400 Mhz 760 W 523 MH/s
425 Mhz 780 W 555 MH/s
444 Mhz 850 W 580 MH/s
450 Mhz 860 W 590 MH/s
462 Mhz 888 W 605 MH/s

6. Press “Save@Apply:

7. VERY IMPORTANT Keep an eye on the temperatures of GPUs. It is very important to not exced 80 grades, otherwise they will reboot. Go to Miner status keep refreshing the page.

If you encounter any problem or for any suggestion feel free to contact us.

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